Scope Of Business

We have years of experience in manufacturing and supplying upholstered goods and products to major hotel clients and other lodging clients around the world. Our innovation and commitment to detail helps our hospitality furniture survive even the toughest guests and environments to provide you with years of maintenance-free service.

We provide custom hospitality furniture of all types that bring distinctive quality, style and comfort to your properties -- all at a great value. Serving the global hospitality industry and luxury residential markets, we handle projects of all types and sizes and provide complete turnkey services tailored to meet your specific needs.

We specialize in custom manufacturing of furniture, fixtures and accessories designed to bridge high volume with high quality. Our global presence gives us the flexibility to manufacture all styles and quantities, using countless materials and techniques.

With the largest facilities in Shanghai, 24 Airplane hangers, a production rate of 5000 rooms / month, our multinational factories have the power to tackle the demands of massive projects and tight deadlines. In addition to that, our protocols and built-in quality control mechanisms capture the smallest of details and bring some of the most beautiful interior designs to life every day.